Latin American & Caribbean network to combat wildlife trafficking

The Brazilian Network to Combat Wildlife Trafficking – RENCTAS, is currently developing an International Campaign Against Wildlife Trafficking – ICAWT, which will launch in the coming months. This project aims to stimulate a collaborative network of local NGOs and Universities from Latin American and Caribbean countries to combat animal trafficking in the region.

The project will use an online platform and fora to connect different social segments of the region, as well as facilitate the exchange of information and the dissemination of initiatives on a global scale to increase overall awareness about the impact of the illegal wildlife trade on Latin American and Caribbean biodiversity.

Expected activities include (among others): a multi-faceted campaign to raise awareness about wildlife trafficking, a report on the use of social networks developing this criminal activity, replicative pilot conservation projects in collaboration with indigenous and riverside communities to promote land conservation.

RENCTAS is seeking local NGOs and Universities in Latin America and Caribbean to join initiative, as well as foreign partners to bring technical guidance to and share their experience and expertise. Please get in touch with Thiago Costa at to engage and become a part of this network.