Trading Ideas: Issue 1
    Trading Ideas provides a space for everyone working on the illegal wildlife trade to share information about their conservation projects and research and connect with one another. This issue features articles on: terminology and frameworks of understanding illegal wildlife trade, myths and realities of wildlife trafficking and security, how we are hoping to help understand complexities of the world’s biggest shark and ray fishery, the power of collaborative efforts, how contentious issues may be assessed and under which policy decisions are robust to uncertainty, a synopsis of initiatives in China and Vietnam using commercial marketing campaigns to reduce demand.
    Published: Mar 2017 | Download Trading Ideas: Issue 1_english (pdf)

    A roaring trade?
    Lion bones have now joined elephant ivory and rhino horn as contentious commodities in the wildlife trade policy arena. This follows revelations of a growing export market of bones from deceased captive-bred lions from South Africa to Southeast Asia – and sharply divided opinions over how policy-makers should respond to this. Michael t' Sas-Rolfes talks about the major issues surrounding this contentious topic.
    Published: Feb 2017 | Categories: Blogs & Opinions

    Programme Launch Report
    The Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade was officially launched on December 2, 2016. Almost 50 stakeholders attended the meeting at the Oxford Martin School to celebrate the launch, present the programme's vision and receive feedback and ideas on its development (reflected in this report):
    Published: Dec 2016 | Categories: Reports
    Download Illegal Wildlife Trade Programme Launch Report

    Professors at Oxford Martin Programme hope to tackle illegal wildlife poaching
    A RESEARCH hub that merges science and cybersecurity hopes to hone in on illegal wildlife trading.
    Published: Oct 2016 | Categories: Media Coverage

    Illegal Wildlife Traders Aren't Welcome on the Dark Web
    Dark web users are cool with drugs, not so cool with tiger cubs.
    Published: Sep 2016 | Categories: Media Coverage

    Automatic detection of potentially illegal online sales of elephant ivory via data mining
    In this work, we developed an automated systemto detect potentially illegal elephant ivory items for sale on eBay. Two law enforcement experts, with specific knowledge of elephant ivory identification, manually classified items on sale in the Antiques section of eBay UK over an 8 week period.
    Hernandez-Castro J, Roberts DL. (2015) Automatic detection of potentially illegal online sales of elephant ivory via data mining. PeerJ Computer Science 1:e10
    Published: Jul 2015 | Categories: Research Articles

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