Officially launched in December 2016, the Oxford Martin Programme on Wildlife Trade specifically focuses on understanding and addressing the consumer demand aspect of the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade. Our programme is collaborative and interdisciplinary. We utilise theory and methods from public health, computer science, economics, psychology, ecology and sociology to address this pressing 21st century global challenge. In so doing, we aim to advance these disciplines as well as creating a new research foundation within conservation science.

We aim to have real-world impact, understanding and changing behaviour on the ground in collaboration with wildlife conservation practitioners. We are supported and guided by Internal and External Advisory Committees and through developing strong links with collaborators around the world.

Through our work, we are creating an active Wildlife Trade Network, assisting to facilitate connections between researchers and practitioners worldwide and exchange knowledge. We hope that our open and inclusive approach combined with our intensive engagement with a range of stakeholders (governments, NGOs, international conventions and businesses) will spin-off new and exciting research collaborations within Oxford and worldwide.

The Oxford Martin Programme on Wildlife Trade has been created through the support of the Oxford Martin School, and our work is currently funded until 2019. We plan to sustain and develop the programme over the longer term. Should you be interested in supporting us, please get in touch.