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Campaigning to bring about change (Open Access)
This chapter examines campaigning: what it is, when it is needed and who conducts campaigns. Drawing upon examples from the NGO conservation sector, we discuss how to plan and execute a campaign, and explore the different types of campaign: behaviour change, policy change and fundraising. Finally, we consider some of the potential pitfalls, including a lack of a strong evidence base, overstating claims of success, the introduction of bias, conflicting views of co-organising partners, the inappropriate use of emotion and the risk of unintended consequences.
C. Dean and A. Hinsley (2020). Campaigning to bring about change. In Sutherland, W. J., Brotherton, P. N. M., Davies, Z. G., Ockendon, N., Pettorelli, N., Vickery, J. A. (Eds) (2020) Conservation Research, Policy and Practice. Cambridge University Press.
Published: May 2021 | Categories: Books & Chapters