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Taking pangolin conservation to scale
This chapter draws on the contents of this volume and considers what the next 20 years may look like for pangolin conservation. The chapter envisions a future scenario, whereby healthy, representative populations of each species thrive across a diversity of sites in Asia and Africa. Key challenges to achieving this vision are outlined, including high human population growth rates in some pangolin range countries and the increasing organization of pangolin trafficking networks. However, the chapter posits that there is cause for optimism based on greater knowledge of pangolins and necessary conservation actions, increasing levels of interdisciplinary collaboration to address threats, and growing interest from donors in funding urgently needed conservation interventions.
Challender, DWS., Nash, H.C., Waterman, C., Hoffmann, R. (2020). Taking pangolin conservation to scale. In: Challender, DWS., Nash, H., Waterman, C. (Eds.) (2020). Pangolins: Science, Society and Conservation. Academic Press.
Published: May 2021 | Categories: Books & Chapters