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Conservation strategies and priority actions for pangolins
This chapter recognizes pangolins as historically overlooked species and the lack of established conservation strategies for them. It discusses the rationale and urgent need for the development of such strategies in order to guide successful pangolin conservation, especially given the threats they face, but also the growth in their profile and associated funding support. The chapter draws upon IUCN best practice guidance for developing conservation strategies, and in particular embraces IUCN SSC’s “Assess-Plan-Act” model and how it can be used to ensure that future strategies are integrative, rigorously analysed, and of a high technical standard. The chapter concludes that developing strategies is essential to determining the most appropriate conservation interventions for pangolins and ensuring that limited funding is spent wisely.
Challender, DWS., Hoffmann, R., Hoffmann, M. (2020). Conservation strategies and priority actions for pangolins. In: Challender, DWS., Nash, H., Waterman, C. (Eds.) (2020). Pangolins: Science, Society and Conservation. Academic Press.
Published: May 2021 | Categories: Books & Chapters